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Why do I need a Will?

We have put together a simple checklist to show you how writing a Will can help you protect those you love. If any of the following criteria applies to your circumstances, you need to put a Will in place.

Without a Will your spouse or civil partner may not automatically inherit all of your estate. Its best to have a Will to determine where you money goes if something happens to you both. You may also choose to give some assets away at different times or have treasured possessions that need to be given as a family heirloom. Leaving a clear instruction for your loved ones helps them at the most difficult of times.

You may want to add your new grandchild to your Will so they inherit something directly from you and you will want to make sure no one is accidentally left out. Keep your will up to date by checking how family members are mentioned in the Will.

Without a Will the law treats you both as single and your partner would receive nothing. This may include the house you own depending on how it is owned (joint tenants or tenants in common). Its worth checking and making a Will to ensure this is correct.

If you are now married, children from a previous relationship may inherit nothing. It all depends on your Will. If you die without a will then your assets are distributed according to government rules and not your wishes.

Making a Will is the only way to put you in control. It allows you to name your beneficiaries and specify what you want them to inherit.

You should specify who you wish to inherit or live in your property after you have passed away and consider protecting your share against possible care costs.

Services to help you plan for the future

Will Writing
Ensure your loved ones are looked after and control where your hard-earned assets go.

Lasting Power of Attorney
Appoint ‘Attorneys’ to make decisions on your behalf, should you no longer be able to.

Funeral Planning
Ensure your wishes are fulfilled and protect your loved ones from uncertainty and unexpected costs.

Minimise tax payments, control your assets, protect your legacy and look after your loved ones.

Do the right thing, make a Will.